No more missing keys with all new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+


The all-new Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ solves the mystery of missing keys. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag had its debut in the virtual event, Galaxy Unpacked 2021. The Bluetooth tracker is designed to help find easy-to-lose items, like keys, bags, or even your pet.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ is the latest iteration of the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, it is a small square tag that can be physically attached to everyday items. The device helps to precisely locate the lost item easily through the SmartThings Find service on Galaxy devices. The new SmartTag+ helps locate things that are not in range of the built-in Bluetooth technology. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ comes with the AR finder technology that helps to guide the users with an easy-to-follow steps towards the missing items through UWB equipped smartphones like Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra.

The digital ad film released as part of the launch of the product features a harried working mother who searches for her missing car keys. The ad traces the adventurous journey of the car keys that fall of the dresser to a toy train set and how it moves from one end of the house to the other. The protagonist is finally able to locate the keys using her Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The AR finder shows the user how far the items are from the SmartTag device and points the user in that direction. When the user gets closer to the location of the tag, the built-in speaker produces a loud ring so that the tagged item can be easily located.

The Galaxy SmartTag uses the Bluetooth connectivity and the power of the Galaxy network device, which helps the user to locate tagged items on a map even if it has been misplaced somewhere far away. The SmartTag also lets the user control the Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are connected with the SmartThings app. This feature of SmartTag enables the user to switch on a connected light without pressing any switches in the room. The Galaxy SmartTag needs to be paired with a Samsung smartphone, through the SmartThings app. All the data in SmartThings are protected through encryption that share the location of the tag only to the user.

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