Nutanix launches first cloud realist multi-database management solution


Nutanix, the leader in hybrid and multi-cloud computing has recently announced the release of its first cloud-agnostic multi-database management solution named Era 2.0. Further extending its DBMS solution for simplifying scale as well as reducing IT and database teams costing. They also announced expanded support for Postgres, SAP HANA as well as their Joint solutions powering them with Era 2.0 in collaboration with HCL which is also a leading global technology solutions provider.

Nowadays Organisations are progressively searching for innovative technology solutions to support their hybrid as well as multi-cloud strategies. As per Kuchibhotla, SVP & General Manager Nutanix, the main hindrance they face is their versatility in terms of multi-cloud- database management.
Hence Nutanix Era came up with a vision to provide a cloud-based multi-database management solution to encounter the problem of hybrid as well as multi-cloud.
HCL came up with an approach to help their customer by faster processing their data as well as up-gradation of their database with a secure, scalable, and cloud-ready database. So they collaborated with Nutanix Era to provide Database Enterprising Solution over cloud sources. They also established a long-lasting relationship with Nutanix and SKALE DB to help their customers in data optimization and data resources to support their digital initiatives.

With its simplified database management across data clustering as well as cloud interface interaction. Nutanix enabled customers in providing and managing databases into cloud sources by providing them flexibility in choosing the right cloud server in increasing flexibility as well as minimization of cost.
With a real-time in-memory database of SAP, HANA customers can enjoy a one-click management experience for SAP deployments. It is also the first HCI platform for simplifying problems for business applications like SAP S /4 HANA as well as business warehousing deployments.

It also announced additional support for Postgres to counter critical deployments. It also offers an end to end infrastructural platform and Era management services resulting in rapid solution as per customer’s demand. So they joined hands with HCL for their fast and reliable approach to data up-gradation with a more secure and flexible in a well-defined SaaS environment.
Today Organisations are seeking a database that requires less maintenance and simultaneously fast and more reliable as per Mike Leone, Senior Analyst ESG. Era 2.0 came up with a cloud-agnostic solution to simplify database operations and meeting the customer’s expectations in much-needed value of data mobility.


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