AspenTech launches aspenONE® V12 an AI-based Self-Optimizing Plant


Aspen Technology, Inc, may be a leading provider of software and services for the method industries. Aspen embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) throughout industrial manufacturing environments uses the cloud for delivery of enterprise-wide analytics with the insights of increased safety, sustainability, and improved margins. Their leading-edge software helps the world’s largest oil and gas, chemical and engineering companies achieve their goals in safety, sustainability, and operational performance.

Recently, AspenTech’s announced the overall availability of the aspenONE® V12 software release, which is enriched with AI (AI) across the set, and uses the cloud for delivering enterprise-wide analytics and with the insights of increased safety, sustainability, and improved margins.

Aspen Hybrid Models™ is a major advancement in the area of chemical engineering. Hybrid models are a major step in bringing together AspenTech’s process models and machine learning is going to be a  game-changer in the process of engineering and plant improvement.

aspenONE® V12 solutions have the first Industrial AI hybrid model capability that is built for the industrial process and other capital-intensive industries. This Hybrid model ™ collects data from assets across the enterprise and then applies AI as the first principle in engineering, and AspenTech’s domain is skilled to deliver comprehensive, more accurate models at enterprise speed and scale.aspenONE® V12 helps customers to use AI to critical processes without additional data science expertise and offers better support for brand spanking new users without deep process knowledge or experience.

New Features of aspenONE® V12 software include:

Aspen Maestro™ – Aspen DMC3TM and Aspen Mtell® which automates the event of higher models faster by guiding a less experienced user on the way to build a specific model or agent.

Aspen Deep-Learning IQ™ –Helps s the building to become more accurate models and predictions.

Aspen Verify™ for Planning –  It uses AI to capture knowledge and check against an idea to stop costly mistakes.

Aspen Multi-Case™ – It can easily run thousands of simulations programs concurrently, in the cloud which allow complete analysis to take accurate decision fastly

Aspen Event Analytics™ – This Provides a rapid look into production event and  Fast, easy investigation of unexpected production events accelerates corrective action decision-making.

Aspen MES Collaborative™– Delivers the connected enterprise to aggregates data with an enterprise and eliminate standard data.

Aspen Cloud Connect™– Offers flexible connectivity with high performance and security to transfer data from the edge to the cloud.

Aspen Capital Cost Estimator Insights™(ACCE) – It streamlines the user experience with innovative integration with ACCE and Aspen Enterprise Insights to supply visualization and collaborative workflow within a hybrid cloud environment.

Therefore, aspenONE® V12  Industrial AI solutions will change the process of industrial work and focus on digital transformation to drive operational excellence and innovation in order to meet the needs of growing populations and expectations for sustainability. The Self-Optimizing Plant forecast future operational excellence, and offer innovative services to the customers.


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