IBM unveils AI-enabled Advertising solutions


Advertising week is one of the premier events conducted exclusively for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology-related kinds of stuff. In 2020, it is conducted during the week from September 29th till October 8th. At this meet, International Business Machines Corporation widely known as IBM has come up with an exciting update for the businesses. It is providing additional three AI-enabled solutions.

The growth of AI-enabled Advertising solutions is on the horizon since its demand has been tremendously increasing. The ultimate aim is to enhance the digital experience of the customers. Advertising solutions help businesses to more in-depth about customers, the latest trends, brand insights, etc. The trend has been rising towards AI implementation in Advertising solutions to enhance the experience of target customers

In similar lines, IBM has announced that it is offering an additional three AI-enabled features to boost the advertising businesses. It helps to advertise businesses to know more about their customers to improvise their business and at the same time make sure data are more secured. The data privacy of consumers is maintained properly.  To enable this offering, IBM expanded the IBM Watson Advertising solutions’ suite with IBM Watson Advertising Attribution and IBM Watson Advertising Predictive Audiences solutions.

This IBM Watson Advertising Predictive Audiences Solutions will make use of the Watson Discovery Feature to brings out the similar behavioral pattern of the customers. It will find out the behavioral pattern of the customers who match with their existing customers which in turn helps marketers to reach out to their target audiences.

IBM has been having constant discussions with other advertising giants like AT & T’s about its latest AI advertising solutions. IBM is planning to invite other Advertising companies like MediaMath, Nielsen NLSN, LiveRamp RAMP, and Beeswax. In January 2020, IBM has launched “Advertising Accelerator with Watson in order to improvise audience engagement. An extended version of Advertising Accelerator Solutions will be available to marketers to make appropriate decisions. It is powered by improved video and OTT capabilities which helps in knowing more about individual customers. The beta version will deploy Watson’s ML to help marketers in accessing performance drivers and determine the advertising expenditure.

IBM has built great hope on AI solutions that will drive the advertising and media industry to stay updated in their respective fields. It aims to provide better AI advertising solutions and assists businesses to perform predominately well by making data-driven decisions.


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