Nykaa hits markets and investment of investors has doubled


Nykaa IPO has been among the trends in the share market in the last few days or weeks. It has now no don’t talk to the market with a huge opening and rallied over 2200 rupees which are hundred percent above the IPO price.

Nykaa was founded by Falguni Nayar in the year 2012. Located in Mumbai Nykaa is into selling wellness and fashion products also so the beauty products across mobile apps websites and total of 76 offline stores.

In 2020 it was valued at 85 billion rupees making it the first unicorn organization startup headed by women in India. 

As of 2021 the so it is Falguni Nayar has taken the business to new levels. Revenue of Nykaa has crossed 2400 crores that are 230 million dollars of us in 2021.

In the last week when IPO was opened by Nykaa throughout the period and has clicked the market at higher rates than expected.

The shares have topped helmet rupees 2200 Per share on November 10, 2021, which is 100% over the price of IPO. Commerce form ventured by private equity firm TPG is running Nykaa and Nykaa fashion.

Nykaa shares made a whopping opening in the stock exchange and despite the overall market momentum. Share trading at 2001 rupees which is 78% up are in rupees we can day 876 than the issue price of 1125 per share.

After a few hours approximately has again searched by 12% to hit 2235 rupees for a share. Market capitalization above 1 lakh crore.

That talks for the past few weeks but the expected growth has been surpassed. They have been way too ahead of the expected amount of hitting the exchange. 100% off of the increase in just a few hours is is showing the trust of people in Nykaa.

People are willing to invest and trust the company to do well shortly. Expecting better returns on their investment and wanting or willing them to do well despite this competition.

We all can hope for the best of Nykaa and keep it tracking to see where it is going in the future.

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