The Fresh and Fashionable Alaya F is Nykaa Fashion’s New Face


To say that everyone of us has our own personal style is an understatement. Our wardrobes, like everything else in life, change, adapt, and grow with us.

We understand all of our picky clients as a curation-led, multi-brand eCommerce platform because we are the same. We’re thrilled to welcome Alaya F as a new face for our platform that commemorates the ‘Nakhrewali’ in this historic campaign.

The emerging celebrity exemplifies the classic Nykaa Fashion customer, who loves to stay on top of trends while personalising each outfit.

Nykaa Fashion encourages people to make higher lifestyle choices that are best suited to them as a destination driven by discovery, convenience, and curation.

To create this shopping experience, we’re forming a partnership with women who, like the site itself, are selective and particular.

The campaign‘s distinctive vision: For Nakhrewalis, By Nakhrewalis, captures the thought and rigour that goes into curating only the most trend-forward and latest fashions by Nykaa Fashion’s team of in-house stylists and specialists.

In the marketing film, Alaya will be shown flaunting Nykaa Fashion’s newest collections, which will air on TV and internet networks.

Alaya has nailed every outfit in her typical easy-going and lively manner, from ethnic to contemporary design, complemented with interesting accessories.

“Alaya’s self-confidence, spontaneity, and outstanding sense of style made her a perfect choice for Nykaa Fashion,” says Adwaita Nayar, Co-Founder Nykaa and CEO Nykaa Fashion.

We take pride in collecting the best from the world of fashion on our site, for every mood and occasion, from statement-making glitz to daily elegance.

As our muse, Alaya brings our broad collection to life for the woman who is selective but proud of her selections while still remembering to have fun with fashion!”

Nykaa Fashion delivers the season’s best trends and curations with the Nakhrewali campaign, while Alaya demonstrates ladies how to add a dramatic flair to any look. However, there is more to this connection.

Alaya will also star in a campaign for Twenty Dresses, a ready-to-wear label from Nykaa Fashion’s House of Nykaa that embraces true, modern-day femininity with runway-inspired designs for everyday wear.

On the app, site, and through the digital campaign, shoppers can expect to discover Alaya’s own sartorial style as she reveals her personal favourites for different seasons from Nykaa Fashion and Twenty Dresses.

“Fashion is a huge aspect of my professional and personal life as an actor and someone who lives in front of the camera lens.” I experiment with my clothing to show my personality, attitude, and how I’m feeling on any given day!

As a result, being the face of Nykaa Fashion is a significant achievement in and of itself. Their curations, as an unmissable player in the world of fashion, offer the best of styles, allowing me to discover new names and trends.

About her association with Nykaa Fashion, Alaya F says, “I’m proud and excited to be a part of Nykaa Fashion’s progress.”

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