Nykaa educates women to be their own Nayakaa


Nykaa has always been on the headlines for its exclusive and promising nature. Founded by Falguni Nayar. The brand has always reached for the stars. This time Nykaa motivates women who use the app to reach for the stars too.

Nykaa, which was founded in 2012, has been the go-to app for women and men to get in their favorite cosmetics at an affordable rate. Janhvi Kapoor being the brand ambassador, Nykaa has always had users feel reliability and credibility with the app. 

There has never been an app that was solely made for the needs and desires of a woman. That is why Nykaa makes us feel that they have always got our back. 

The recent campaign/ad has showcased different stories of women that aspire to be different things in society and Nykaa stands by their side. At the beginning of the ad, we see a young woman trying to fix the fan in her house, followed by a Muslim girl abiding by the rules of her religion who does her make-up and wears her hijab as she goes to a rap battle competition. This is followed by a woman aspiring to be a bike racer and training for the same.

Towards the end we see a hardworking entrepreneur becoming successful, a trans doctor facing discrimination and yet doing his best. Finally, we see an older adult anticipating her participation in a chess match.

In all these situations, we see women and men trying out different things that they are passionate about but are not abiding by the traditional social norms. In other words, they stand out from society due to their passion and action.

To these young aspirants, Nykaa sticks through thick and thin. Nykaa understands the meaning of life and acknowledges the beauty that lies within. Nykaa promises to push its users in situations they find tough to face. 

Nykaa’s ‘tum hi ho Nykaa’ campaign emphasizes “Kahaani koi bhi ho, tum hi ho nayaka”, which translates to whatever may be the story you are the actor. 

Tum Hi Ho Nykaa was directed by Shashanka Chaturvedi of Good Morning Films and produced by Abhijit Avasthi and the Sideways crew. The film’s cinematographer, Tetsuo Nagata, is known for his work on films featuring Ila Arun’s haunting voice. From October 4th to October 4th, #TumHiHoNykaa will air on various TV channels and internet platforms.

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