DHC Japanese beauty brand exclusively launched on Nykaa


DHC, World’s most famous Japanese cult beauty brand, has exclusively started on Nykaa. Nykaa allows its shoppers access to a variety of international beauty and skincare brands.

Nykaa is India’s largest beauty and personal care eCommerce platform.

The brand has introduced its heavy products, including DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, DHC Face Wash Powder, and Lip Cream, on the e-commerce platform.

Across India, skincare brands have growing demand. With DHC starting its invasion into the Indian beauty market at this suitable time, there couldn’t be a better e-commerce platform than Nykaa, the one-stop destination for all things beauty. 

DHC was among the first companies to explore the healing powers and skin adaptability of natural ingredients. The efforts were directed to the development of DHC Olive Virgin Oil, and a beauty essence made of 100% natural ingredients.

DHC has promoted and distributed to customers a set of natural cosmetics that indicate gentleness to the skin and functional performance.

Nykaa’s mission is to help people everywhere feel beautiful in their skin. That’s why they form all the products to show a similar scale between breakthrough innovation and popular botanicals and include these factors with time-tested Japanese skincare customs.

The pandemic, lockdown suggesting a great deal of time for customers to introspect and research. 

DHC was founded in the 1970s and was born from Yoshiaki Yoshida’s quest for controlling the power and skin-nourishing benefits of olive oil. This started a collection of better beauty and skincare products, advertising DHC as a coveted brand with over $1 billion sales worldwide and becoming Japan’s #1 skincare company.

DHC aims to combine technologically forward and unique botanical-based ingredients to offer a variety of award-winning beauty and skincare products. Today, the brand is present in 34 countries, maintaining massive followers and reaching new buyers every day.

Fumi Manabe, Senior Manager Overseas Retail, DHC, said, launching products on Nykaa and partnership with Nykaa is the right platform. With a curated collection of affordable & highly efficient J-Beauty products, DHC will offer Indian consumers the world of actual Japanese skincare customs like Double Cleanse and Double Moisturize.

Staying faithful to the brand’s belief of wabi-sabi that shows beauty in imperfection, looking forward to providing value to the buyers by serving and supporting their skincare journey.

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