LT Foods’ Daawat increases its “Banega Toh Farq Dikhega’ proposition


Daawat is the most recognized and favorite brand of people in India. Whether it is a birthday party or a festival Daawat is the first choice of everyone.

Daawat is the flagship brand of LT Foods, the 70-year-old Consumer Food Company.  It has started a novel campaign to increase its ‘Banega Toh Farq Dikhega’ proposition. The campaign extends the proposition by illustrating to the consumers the finely curated four-step process of Chunkar, Bachakar, Sambhaalkar, and Sajaakar, (fine picking, carefully securing, accurate aging, and proud presentation) before Daawat Basmati reaches its customer.

The campaign has been launched with a movie, which captures the backchat between a seasoned Daawat food inspector played by legendary Paresh Rawal and his immature admirer, Hussain Dalal of the recent Toofan fame. The interaction happens during the tactic of constructing the most effective Basmati.

The chief & CEO of LT Foods Limited Ashwani Kumar Arora, said, “Consumers today show a high degree of understanding in the choices of consumption. The new campaign  not only increases the proposition of “Banega Toh Farq Dikhega” but it also shows the special care & effort that the brand takes throughout the four-stage process.”

The CEO of India and far East Business Ritesh Arora said, “The brand communication over the years has been progressive with the changing Consumer ambition & tastes.”

The film opens on a trial of the paddy Mandi where Hussain while walking towards Paresh Rawal, who is inspecting the paddy and selecting the foremost effective from a heap intently, shows off to a transport coordinator, who was passing by “Tujhe pata hai itni bareeki se chunkar banta hai Daawat.” He is scolded by Paresh Rawal immediately, who tells him “Abhi nahi bana hai. Then Paresh Rawal taking Hussain through the special process of selection, carefully securing to avoid breakage, aging for aroma and taste, before beautiful packaging for presentation. Hussain goes hysterical excitedly and at the highest doubtfully asks Paresh, Abhi Nahi bana na? ( not ready, right?). Paresh replies with a teasing smile, “Janaab, Ab ban Gaya hai Daawat (Sir, now Daawat is finally ready). The film closes with Paresh serving Biryani from Daawat Basmati to Hussain, who enjoys every mouthful.

The campaign is introduced in pan India over major TV channels, Digital, Social Media, and OTT platforms.

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