Ola ensures 5 layers of safety in their recent ad


A recent ad by Ola, featuring Varun Thakur and Supriya Pilgaonkar, shows that people are guaranteed a secure cab experience with Ola in terms of the uncertainty surrounding the situation outside. The ad not only refers to the safety precautions the cab-hailing app offers but in this video it also portrays the story of the mother and son relationship.

In the current situation, we’re in ‘unlock’ mode, we also need to understand that the Coronavirus pandemic isn’t over, and we should only step in if it’s needed. It’s exactly what Varun Thakur, who plays Pilgaonkar ‘s son in the advertisement, constantly stresses over her tech abilities while pulling her leg. “I think tuition courses should be needed to teach moms how to use their phones,” he says.

In this advertisement, which OML (Only Much Louder) conceptualized, we can see the daily mother-son relationships that have played forever. The boy, who lives alone, doesn’t remember the names of ‘daal,’ and asks his mom. He cannot find his boxers, so asks his mother again. He teases his mom about her ability to use a mobile, and then she realizes how to use it.

The fascinating part is when Thakur gets sick and video calls to ask Pilgaonkar how to make kadha. This is then that we see the deep connection between mother and son. Pilgaonkar drops everything and visits her son with ‘kadha’. He asks her how she handled it while sipping it since it is not safe outside. She then shows him a video shot by herself. She explains in it how she took an Ola, and all the security features provided by Ola. The ad ends with a statement she said that “oh yeah, she even emphasizes that she is there for the Tupperware boxes”.

Here this video refers to Ola’s ‘5 Layers of Safety’:

  • Drivers and customers have to wear masks
  • At the end of every trip, all exposed area cabins are washed
  • Every car is fumigated thrice in a week
  • Drivers are subject to daily temperature checks.
  • Protective screens are in place between drivers and passenger seats.

This is not the first ad published by Ola to highlight its updated safety standards to match the new standard. Ola people to book an auto via its app last week while extolling the security features it offered.


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