Omicron v Investment


The fact that despite the continuous inflation and emergence of Omicron virus variant was seen in the last few weeks, still the investors have continuously been investing and expecting returns is somewhere threatening.

In the last few weeks, almost all the countries across the globe have seen the inflation rate going up at a major pace and also affecting the economies way more when initially anticipated. To get this inflation down governments have tried to increase the interest rates and other necessary steps were taken as well.

This has reduced the inflation to some extent but the investors who were supposed to move out of the share market and invest their money in fixed deposits or recurring deposits have barely moved.

Right of the inflation going up if there was anything that was supposed to bring investors a lack of confidence then it was the Omicron virus variant.

The variant of the coronavirus was taking birth in South Africa but anticipated again that the birth of this variant will pull down the confidence of investors in the coming few days or weeks. Will this did not happen as well and investors felt that this might just be the opportunity to invest so, so they kept investing.

This investment has been among the trend because of its continuity. They were supposed to pull out their investment when the market is low but this time it did not happen as expected.

Now the raising concern is the fact that continuous investment and investments when things are not going great can increase the risk of losing everything for losing most of your investment.

The investment under risk is completely dependent on the investor is a fact but still, because it can eat up all your money one should be careful before investing instead of regretting it after losing.

An investor should always understand and have a clearly stated risk appetite in their mind. It is something that can negotiate you through the negative phases of your investment.

It is always hard-earned money when you invest. One should invest carefully and only with acceptable risk.

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