NHAI purposes raise its investment in three years


The authority exercised the third option of toll securitization for raising Rs 9,731 crore for the Delhi-Mumbai greenfield expressway project this year to part-fund while adding to the infrastructure investment trusts (InvIT) in the future extra stretches.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has fixed a plan to raise nearly Rs 2 lakh crore that improve an enthusiastic target to stretch out the monetized 21,700 km operational highway in three years starting 2022-23. 

The monetization which existed of the assets will be carried through on the following three routes: Toll operates transfer (TOT), Toll securitization, and Infrastructure Investment Trusts.

Minister for road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari replying to a written question in the Lok Sabha, said NHAI has identified such highways with a combined length which is going to be monetization of 5,500 km for in 2022-23, 7,300 km in 2023-24 and 8,900 km in 2024-25.

At the end of 2020-21, NHAI will use the funds to build new highways and cut its debt, which was Rs 3.17 lakh crore.

The authority has been monetizing government-funded highway projects since 2018. 

The first TOT package of the 680 km fetched and the authority of Rs 9,681 crore — 1.5 times the base price. 

Under TOT, NHAI supplies the stretches to the highest bidder on a long-term lease, generally 15-30 years. 

The asset have to come back to the NHAI folded after the lease period was over.

The floor price of Rs 5,632 for 586.55-km length in the second TOT bundle was none of the bidders rivaled up, forcing NHAI to quit the plan.

Become the third bundle is the cube highways of 566 km for an upfront compensation of Rs 5,011 crore. But the auction was canceled for the fourth round.

Analysts said the traffic flow was depending upon the specific kilometers of the NHAI stretch on which that could fetch the authority between Rs 8-10 crore. 

NHAI launched in progress another mode of asset monetization to mop up Rs 5,100 crore by monetizing 390 km highway stretches, it’s beginning InvIT.

NHAI has distinguished 86 stretches in the current fiscal, with an aggregate length of approximately 4,912 km for monetization.

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