Omron launches AI vision system which ‘captures defects with human-like sensitivity’


Artificial intelligence is the embedding of human intelligence in machines, through programming so that Robots can think and act like humans. The main characteristics of artificial intelligence are to rationalize things and take actions in order to achieve a specific goal. Artificial intelligence is used in different fields, including healthcare and finance.

Omron is a global leader in the field of automation and it supports manufacturing innovation by providing advanced technologies. It is a company based in Japan and it is founded by Kazuma Tateshi. It manufactures, medical equipment such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors. Recently Omron corporations had launched an AI vision system that is capable to capture defects in human sensitivity. It is the first defect detection, artificial intelligence technology that identifies defects without learning samples.  The company claims that it detect defects that are difficult to capture and it reproduces techniques of skilled inspectors and human sensibility.

Omron says that due to the increase in labor costs it is difficult to find skilled inspectors. Manufacturers are facing difficulty to automate processes that depend on the senses of experienced human workers. It is important to identify defects on flexible lines producing a wide range of items. Earlier long term experience and knowledge of technicians is relevant. In the present scenario in order to protect the employees working on the manufacturing sites from Covid-19, those works are done using machines.

Artificial intelligence had invaded our lives. It is now capable of recognizing object features as well as humans and learn things by itself. While there are many problems related to engineering expertise, specialized hardware, image data, Omron is making great progress in the field of artificial intelligence. So in order to solve the challenges, Omron has developed the first defect detection, artificial intelligence that is capable of doing the human task.

Omron had completed 30 years in the field of image processing and visual inspection. They had built these features in the new product that maximize inspection capability without learning a huge amount of data using artificial intelligence. The Omron lightweight solution has been integrated into a system component so that there is no need for engineers to set up and adjust manufacturing sites. During these COVID times people are taking at most care in order to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. So the humans are replaced by robots in every sector.


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