Origami Creative to offer internships to senior citizens


To launch internship programs for senior citizens, Bangalore-based Origami Creative ties up with organizationsThe initiative is launched on Grandparents’ Day to provide a second chance to retired citizens through energizing internships in the field of their choice.

Grand parent’s day celebrations are made to make our older generations happier and a remembrance to take care of them.

Perhaps the ones hardest hit, are grandparents, in this pandemic scenario. The retired citizens feel so ignored, isolated, and negligent. This is because giving less importance and less priority to old generations by younger generations. Due to their inability to step out for a walk or to visit their family, they have deep feelings of isolation and apathy.

Our thaatha, paaty, appacha, ammachi, ammama, Nani, and nana were capable of doing many works before then they are now. Offering grandparents month-long internships that give them a chance to navigate the world of modern work, Origami Creative, a leading creative & digital agency in Bengaluru is collaborating with like-minded organizations to do.

The vision of the program is to provide a second chance to secondary citizens through energizing internships in the field of their choice. This may enhance their personal life or motivate themselves.

Laeeq Ali, Co-founder, Origami Creative Concepts & President of the Advertising Club Bangalore, says, “The world has transformed a lot in the last 1-2 years and we are still accommodating to the new order. We hear a variety of stories of people dealing with transformations– not just the younger generation, but also the older ones. A friend’s dad that I met was adjusting to the pain of not being able to step out for his daily evening walk. This hit with me. We picked this conversation thread in one of our regular conceptualizing meetings and the team gathered behind the same to create the Grand Adventure program.”

Launched on Grandparents’ Day, this program is an opportunity for our grandparents to toss their gardening gloves, oven mitts, and whatever else that’s holding them back, and set out for a grand adventure. This can be an opportunity to rebuild themselves and just to get free from ignorance and negligence.

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