Unfolding outsourcing in India


 Outsourcing in India excelled during the pandemic.  

Covid-19 adversely affected the business by forbidding companies from following the conventional working conditions. However, they’d something to rely on; because of outsourcing.  

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a group outside an organization to perform services and build goods that were traditionally performed by the company’s employees and staff.  

Outsourcing is an outcome of globalisation. Modern telecommunication facilities help to send and receive data in real-time over continents and nations. Hence, outsourcing progressed over the years.  

During the pandemic, companies faced income issues. They’d to pander to financial and directorial challenges. They’d to satisfy both customers and staff. However, the sales were low.  

Outsourcing clothed to be a boon because now the firms have a longer time to concentrate on core business. Thus, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the firm.  

India is one of the foremost preferred destinations for outsourcing. 80% of European and US outsourcing firms ranked India as their No:1 outsourcing destination.  

Reasons why India is preferred:  

1. Technically and professionally talented workers are available   

2. Flexible cost  

3. Indian workers provide consistently high-quality services  

4. Attractive IT policies of the Indian government.  

Some services outsourced to India:  

BPO or Call centres, Record-keeping, Accountancy, Banking services, Music recording, Film editing, Book translation, Clinical advice, Data entry, Content writing. 


. Employment generation for the underemployed masses  

Exchange of ideas and skills between countries  

Increases international creditworthiness of India  

. Encourages other related sectors  

. Contributes to human capital formation by upgrading skills  

Opposed because:  

It leads to the outflow of resources and funds from the house country. So, developing nations oppose outsourcing. It leads to the MNCs built on a selected country contributing to the event of another country. Moreover, there’s an opportunity that MNCs in India approach lesser developed countries for cheaper labourers reducing the possibilities of workers in India.  

The pandemic led to chaos everywhere in the globe. Indians being employed to working in chaotic conditions and having good skills got opportunities in outsourcing. This can be bound to progress in the coming years. Thanks to the pliability of freelance work.

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