OTT managing the viewership by overcoming the language barriers


The Wheel of Time, an epic fantasy series is confirmed to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on 19th November. The Wheel of Time is based on a novel series by Robert Jordan and is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios. The cast of this series includes Rosamund Pike and Josha Stradowski.

Viewers have high expectations from this web series and they are even comparing it to the super hit tv series Game of Thrones. It is taking up 30% of the total viewership of different OTT video streaming platforms

The series will also be dubbed in Turkish, German, and Korean languages. Even though these Tv shows are highly popular among the urban youth, different mass media platforms prefer dubbing them in different languages to increase the viewership by making them more accessible to a larger crowd.

There are many other TV series that gained popularity by being dubbed in different regional languages. A few such examples are- Extraction and The Kissing Booth has dubbed in Hindi and Tamil; The Tomorrow War, Parasite, The Boys, and Wonder Women did the same.

The OTT platforms have successfully made foreign TV content popular among the Indian population. Though television and torrent websites led the foundation for this, the OTT platforms made it easier for the people by customizing recommendations with the help of artificial intelligence. These platforms are gradually reaching out to the sub-urban areas and crowds who were not exposed to foreign content earlier.

Dubbing various television contents also help regional productions to reach large masses. It helps the artists to gain worldwide exposure and popularity. Moreover, it becomes easier convenient for the artists to convey their messages and exhibit their talents before a mass global audience.

This is made easier by the Covid-19 situation. As people are stuck at home, they rely more and more on different sources of mass media to get rid of boredom and anxiety. 

Dubbing is a new strategy used by media platforms to reach out to a larger population from all over the world. New media platforms are being launched that encourage people from different language groups to watch foreign content. One such platform is ‘Videshi Kahaniya’, launched by Tata Sky.

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