Pandemic leads to adoption of Conversational AI


The global pandemic has created tremendous changes in the organization by shift the entire work to home. The earlier case of working from the office and meeting the customer expectations has-been transformed through digital platforms. In this scenario, conversational AI can be observed as an emerging choice for any organization to adopt solutions digitally. Conversational automation has been focused as an option by many organizations to improve customer satisfaction, renew business models, and understand customer behavior.

Understanding conversational AI

Even before the pandemic, people were engaging in conversing through social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and skype. Alexa and google assistant have created great bonuses for digital transformation. These speech-based assistants and chatbots have a significant impact on the conversational AI. A report titled “ garner 2019 CIO agenda survey “ states conversational AI always remains in top amongst the corporate. Hence companies are planning to invest more in intelligent automation and are adopting Ai for efficient operations.

Using chatbots

A report by garner states that chatbots are the face of AI and has the potential of changing the conduction of business. Chatbots are established in areas such as HR, IT desk, and self-services. Intelligent chatbots provide an opportunity to be intuitive by interacting with customers and employees through the external and internal self-service applications.

Application of conversational AI

  • Anticipating the future: AI provides insight into customer behavior, markets, products, and service which helps the organization for executing strategy.
  • Customer communication: The organization uses conventional AI which helps the customer into personalized interaction and communication.
  • Cognitive capture: In this process, the user uploads their document using optical character recognition for reviewing, verifying, and scanning after which information is fed to conversational AI. Then chatbots engage in the conversation with the user by reviewing the information that has been extracted.
  • Electronic signature: Here the user can directly sign off over an agreed or needed document by providing e-signature in the chatbots

As many organizations are planning to improve their customer experience, there will be an increase in the use of chatbots and the virtual agent will be observed in the coming years. Chatbots engaged in the customer conversation without a one-word request and response hence the organization that has already deployed the application will get a maximum increase in the customer experience by more efficient process and cost savings.


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