Pandemic leads to launch of new products: Bacto-V Toilet Seat Sanitizer launched


The popular toilets have been known as a source of bacterial infection. The latest pandemic of COVID has not alleviated the condition because many health authorities have said that enclosed spaces such as toilets contribute to a rapid spread of the coronavirus.

As toilet sharing in millions of households is a common occurrence in India CavinKare has announced that Bacto-V Toilet Seat Sanitizer has been introduced. It is driven by a quick-action formula claiming to destroy the surface of the toilet by a total of 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria and viruses that can move and hold the surface of the toilet bowls that are released during the flushes. In keeping with this, Bacto-V Toilet Seat Sanitizer is formulated and introduced as a preventative measure that helps to control the development of bacteria in the toilet bowl and surfaces adjacent to it.

In addition to spreading the virus, shared toilets are also one of the causes of UTI infection among women in households. At least once in their lifetime, 50 % of women in India suffer from UTI.

The substance is simple to use and is sold in a spray shape and used with 94% alcohol, which results in a fast-drying solution for successful sanitation. Bacto V Toilet Seat Sanitizer has been formulated by CavinKare ‘s powerful R&D team to ensure that the skin is clean.

Speaking about the launch, CavinKare, Raja Varatharaju, GM marketing, says, “the pandemic continues to worry about personal safety even for five months. While the government has allowed public space movement, people still don’t go out. People want to do stuff from inside and at this point it is preferable. In the beginning, demand (for sanitizers) was the disparity between the goods and the availability, since consumers were asking for more of the stuff, but alcohol was not enough to produce it. But, you could not see the same growth rates as we saw before the pandemic (which in some categories was around 200-300%),” Varatharaju said.

‘Initially, demand and supply varied since the customer requires more of the substance, but alcohol was not necessary to produce the substance (sanitizers).’CavinKare, Raja Varatharaju.

He says that it is mostly due to the variable intensity of lock-ups in many areas of the world while talking about the marketing problems posed by the pandemic.

Varatharaju contributes that the distribution chain in most places is increasing, however, as far as the investment in the media is concerned there was a point in which the television viewership of the campaigns in Cavin Kare had to move to the online technology and increase their focus.


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