Parle Agro reclassifies new Brand Ambassador for B Fizz


‘Be Bold, Be Brave’ is the motto of Parle Agro’s thrilling malt enhanced fruit drink, B Fizz. A pioneer in India’s refreshment class, the organization has hit once more with a restless new TV campaign for B Fizz and a new face for the brand, Arjun Kapoor.

The new representative beverage pair through the advertisement, Parle Argo inspires a feeling of courage and strength with B Fizz. Fixated on the taste profile, and enthusiastic soul encompassing the symbolism, the mission for B Fizz stands separated from some other beverage on the lookout.

Dispatched amidst the pandemic last year, Parle Agro’s intriguing expansion to the shimmering fruit drink classification, B Fizz has seen exceptional achievement. According to optional information research, within a year, B Fizz alone has driven the development of the malt enhanced fruit drink classification by almost multiple times because of its steadily expanding request.

Additionally, by disturbing the classification because of its special taste and value point of Rs. 10 for 160 ml SKU, Parle Agro has not just offered near a large portion of a billion units in a year, yet in addition, turned into the quickest developing malt enhanced natural product savor brand India.

“In the beyond one year, B Fizz has developed dramatically, increasing our deals and extending the fruit drink class, yet developing the malt enhanced fruit drink classification multifold which was practically non-existent in India. Growing the portfolio effectively amidst a pandemic is a reasonable declaration of our assurance and aspiration.

Looking forward, we not just mean to construct the malt seasoned fruit drink classification further with B Fizz, however with the consolidated may of Appy Fizz and B Fizz, we plan to fabricate the shimmering fruit drink class to a 10,000-crore classification by 2030.” thought Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director, and CMO, Parle Agro.

The 2000 crore fruit drink class made by Parle Agro when they dispatched Appy Fizz, keeps on being overwhelmed by Parle Agro with more than 90% portion of the overall industry.

As the nation enters the second summer of the year, Parle Agro is hoping to construct huge buzz for B Fizz through a high-decibel advertising effort. The media campaign has been carried out broadly across numerous channels including TV, OOH, and Digital.

B Fizz is portrayed as a unique beverage for the bold, and for the people who search for more up to experience and difficulties which is underlined by the new brand ambassador, Arjun Kapoor in the TVC. The unmistakable red and white bundling combined with its extraordinary taste requests to shoppers of all age gatherings and can be burned-through whenever of the day.

Regardless of whether it is Diwali, New Year’s, or a local party, B Fizz is the party-starter that will cause you to feel brave yet in addition will not obscure out recollections you most value.

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