Reasons why video advertising is always better for marketing


Many marketers are seen in the conundrum of determining whether they should launch a video advertising campaign or just stick to the technique they are already using but the truth is that if you are not using video advertising as a marketing technique then you will be left behind your opponents.
A few of the reasons why Video Advertising Is Better For Marketing are:

  1. People Like Watching Videos

This is something that all the marketer out there has got to realize that the target viewers are more attracted in watching videos than looking at the banner ads. Statistics have revealed that about 91% of Business To Business buyers watch online videos. YouTube is the second ample famous platform in the world.

  1. Video Advertisements Convert Sales

Video ads usually convert into better sales. Online marketing platforms such as Amazon, eBay, etc, have noted that having a video advertisement to a product narrative boosts the likeliness of the buyers buying that product up to 36%. So, it has been demonstrated that viewers would prefer video advertisements over any other advertisements and video ads are more inclined to convert into additional sales than any other forms of advertisements.

  1. People likes to Share Videos

People like sharing videos that they find intriguing with their mates and family members. This is not only for ordinary videos but if an advertisement is inventive enough or has different content to it then it will also be shared by the customers with their comrades and family members.

  1. Smartphone Users Love Watching Videos

Videos, particularly short video segments that are about 30-35 seconds long or so are all very famous among smartphone users. Although mobile users like watching videos and the number of viewers watching videos on their phones are boosting, primarily famous videos are those that aren’t very big.

  1. Videos Convey A Lot Of Data

The promising thing about video advertisements is that you can articulate a lot of information in a short period through a video ad. Videos are more enchanting to the understandings and since videos implicate both watching and listening so they can express more information.

  1. Search Engines Love Videos

Search engines love videos because they are looking for content that fascinates onlookers. Search Engines love to demonstrate video content than other kinds of content because videos can keep the viewers fascinated.

  1. Flexibility

Video ads provide marketers with the flexibility as they can select whether they prefer to compel the consumer to see the whole ad or whether the consumer should be enabled to skip to the video after a few seconds.

  1. Video Advertisements Are Not Restricted To A Specific Format

Video Ads are restricted because they are not restricted to a particular format only. There are many ways by which markets can construct and design their video ads. They can incorporate URLs, expandable banners, call to action through hashtags or click-through into their videos, all of which can direct viewers to engage.

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