YouTube Premium and Music including trailers crosses ’50 Million’ followers


YouTube Premium, including trailers, now has crossed more than 50 million subscribers. This means that YouTube Premium has grown its subscription base by around 1.8m subscribers per month since October 2020.

However, the company hasn’t revealed how many users are subscribed to YouTube Premium. It has only mentioned the entire number of subscribers.

Its rival, Spotify revealed that its worldwide Premium Subscriber base grew to 164 million in 2021, which was up 20% year-on-year, and up by 4%, or 7 million subscribers, on the 158m. And Apple Music announced it had exceeded 60m subscribers in 2019, but hasn’t confirmed an updated subscribers number.

That’s not it, YouTube Music has also crossed more than 50 million subscribers. This means that YouTube Music has increased its subscriber base by around 20m within the past 10 months.

The YouTube Music app was launched in 2019 in India along with the premium service. The company’s YouTube Music subscription is valued at Rs 109 a month, while, the value of the YouTube Premium is Rs 139 per month in India.

It grants access to measure video performances and remixes by searching lyrics or simply by describing the song. You can create your own playlists.

Moreover, it gives its subscribers various benefits, for example, it lets you download and watch regular videos ad-free.

When Lil Nas X released his new music video for “INDUSTRY BABY” with Jack Harlow, fans from all over the world got to watch the Premiere of the new visual all together for the very first time. But the fandom experience and engagement with Lil Nas X’s new release didn’t just stop there. They were ready to learn the lyrics, hear the artists break down the meaning, create a YouTube Short with the track, hear his back catalogue, and know more about the rapper’s story in his own words.

No other platform expedites this level of depth and exploration for music devotees.

And Premium subscribers also have the convenience to play videos in the Picture-in-Picture mode. In other words, one gets to play videos in the background while using another app, or when their phone is locked, this was not possible earlier.

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