Spotify Discover Weekly come up with brands Sponsorship


Discover weekly is one of the best offerings on Spotify. A selected playlist is delivered every Monday to each of our 350+ million listeners. The playlist contains 30 tracks that they have not heard before and will love them. 

Personalization has quickly gone from nice-to-have consumer experiences that make the audience excite, and marketers are waiting for the opportunity to be part of it. 

First-ever in India, brands can sponsor one of Spotify’s most beloved organizations, Discover weekly. The playlist will be available to the user every morning based on their playlist songs related to them. 

This is an opportunity for the advertisers to own full sponsorship and be a part of personalized end-to-end experiences. 

Weekly personalized experiences will give listeners extra time to be on Spotify on Mondays. Listeners more likely to listen to the Weekly discover Monday’s playlist when compared with the rest of the week. Listeners can stream twice a day as long as non-discover weekly users. 

Users calling their playlist My Discover Weekly will give a positive impact and also connection they have with the playlist. Songs will help people to boost their mind, improve mood, and enjoy life more. Discovery makes people feel to build engagement and trust. 

Also advertising on Spotify makes the brand seem young, Smart, Reliable, innovative, and Genuine. 

People will always find something new and trying out something new. The discover weekly listeners within the age 25 to 34 are 36%. And 81% of the discover weekly listeners are enjoying new food, and 58% are more likely to keep with the latest trends. And most of them that means 90% of them likely to purchase new tech products. 

Spotify’s discover weekly will attracts audiences who can understand and early adopters. It is a great opportunity for the brands to deliver their message in the right context, reaching listeners while they are listening at the center of the music and popular culture, and unite with the new-age audiences. 

The package includes In-playlist Media for brand advertising, premium logo placement, and 100% SOV display with the option to 1st Ad break and industry exclusivity. Placing the brand in a journey of Discovery with Spotify.  

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