Spotify join hands with Cadbury and add Playlist For The Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars


Love is surely noticeable all around, and brands are doing their best to help us to remember it. Mondelez and Spotify have collaborated to make a playlist driven Valentine’s Day themed advancement. At the point when an individual purchases a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, the paper covering on the chocolate bar bears a code for a Spotify playlist.

To get to the playlist, the client needs to open their Spotify application, filter the code utilizing the hunt highlight and they will be taken to an exceptionally curated Valentine’s Day playlist. This is a unique strategy that was adopted by Spotify and Cadbury to make the customers engaged in this year’s Valentine’s day. The playlist highlights melodies like ‘Photo’ by Ed Sheeran and ‘Can’t resist experiencing passionate feelings for you’ by Elvis Presley.

We originally detected the advancement on LinkedIn, when Spotify’s head of deals – Arjun Kolady had posted about it. The joint effort is a disconnected online one where a client who is holding a bar of the chocolate progressively is provoked to go on to the Spotify application on his/her telephone.

This fits in impeccably with the situating Mondelez has been utilizing for Dairy Milk Silk in the previous year, asking individuals – ‘how far will you go for affection’? In October 2020, Spotify and Cadbury collaborated to help clients share messages with their accomplices through music. They continue to maintain this collaboration as this team effort has yielded success for both of them.

The uniquely designed microsite, controlled by Spotify API – – lets clients browse a scope of tender messages to make a playlist and offer with the one they love. That is not all – because of the message, the playlist included tracks with the main letter of each word to frame the message which is somewhat unique in its way.

Cadbury Silk likewise delivered an advertisement that posed a similar inquiry. The little fellow in the advertisement is indicating to us his valiant side as he holds an umbrella over the young lady’s head… The exemplary tune ‘Kiss me’ is playing out of sight.

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