Why is ‘growth software’ the holy grail for bringing sales and marketing teams together?


The misalignment of sales and marketing is one of the most frustrating aspects of selling in the modern era. Sellers have no idea what marketing messages their prospects have already received or what messages will be sent to the next. Marketers can monitor opens and clicks, but they have no way of knowing which promotions result in actual sales. Both teams use different software tools, have different customer databases, and pursue goals that have little in common.

These issues have afflicted B2B companies for so long that we’ve come to recognize them as the price of doing business. That’s a shame because the solution is incredibly straightforward: Your sales and marketing teams must have access to the same data.

Growth software is a new type of business software that incorporates CRM, sales automation, and email marketing functionality into a single platform. HubSpot introduced an integrated CRM product to their famous marketing automation platform in 2014, kicking off the growth software category. Competing growth software brands such as Nutshell, ActiveCampaign, and Keap have stepped up in recent years to better serve the needs of small companies, owing to HubSpot’s high cost and limitations in sales functionality.

Your consumer relationships will have a single source of truth thanks to growth tech. Rather than getting your contacts and correspondence history scattered through various databases, your whole team will see your entire relationship with each customer in one place. In practice, this means that your sales reps don’t join sales discussions without key context, and it helps your advertisers to build highly targeted consumer segments based on current customer data.

Growth software brings the sellers and advertisers together to achieve a common target. When sales and marketing are separated into different divisions, they are more likely to concentrate on individual indicators that have a smaller effect on the overall image. Growth software allows the entire team to unite in pursuit of the only target that matters — sales growth — rather than attempting to maximize email clicks, page views, and activity quotas, by offering common resources and data.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of growth software is that it brings marketers and sellers together. Marketers communicate at a large scale, while salespeople communicate one-on-one, but both works to increase revenue and expand the company. Without the need for costly enterprise software or integration balancing, today’s leading growth software solutions assist them in doing so.

The future belongs to cohesive growth software products that help sellers and marketers work from the same playbook, close more deals together, and end the friction once and for all.

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