Is Omnichannel marketing the new trendsetter in business?


Speaking of the concept ‘New normal market strategy’, the main focus will be on the current trend/scenario that deals with the selling or promotion of goods and services. What can be the new strategy in marketing? Well, a channel is considered to be the major nerve for marketing. Now it is Omni-channel that is ruling the market.

Omnichannel is the multichannel sales approach that creates an integrated shopping experience to the customers. Shopping nowadays is happening online from a mobile device, phone or brick to mortar stores. Every company needs to provide a better Omnichannel experience

Technology serves a lot

How does this strategy work? The answer is technological advancement. Customers are exposed to a lot of TV content and have many places to watch it. This is the key concept for customer segmentation. This is where OTT comes to the play. OTT television is the preferred platform for advertisers to advertise their content and to the customers to watch the content. Along with this concept, customers are moving rapidly towards CTV (connected TV) which is connected to the internet and can access anything at any time. So shifting to the new normal is what required to all the advertisers and publishers.

New normal strategy

Further going through the Omnichannel strategy in marketing, Omnichannel video marketing is very much attractive and accepted by a lot of customers. This adds an advantage to the advertisers to engage directly with the customers.

Earlier it was traditional TV advertisement which was handling the advertisement. The shift in the concepts leads to many advancements. This is all directly connected to technology. There are many marketing strategies, the marketers need to take up a suitable strategy to showcase their brand attractively.

Talking about the devices, the majority of homes nowadays has a CTV, smartphone, Pads etc. All the devices are connected to the internet and all these devices have access to OTT. Those who are giving importance to the online platform can be a breadwinner amongst a lot of advertisers and publishers in the market.

Sudden Shift

This shift is not going to have an endpoint here, today. It will be changing day by day and advertisers need to be studious in understanding the current trend and run along with it. The customer experience (CX) is the major criterion that contributes directly to the success of the brand.        


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