#TideForTime- Are we spending time on what’s really important?


The pandemic has struck all over the world in a way that everybody is compelled to be home. The lockdown went so far that 2022 will be probably offering a lot of work from home jobs as most of the employers seriously looking into it already and providing it.

After the lockdown, the whole world, its busy schedules, 9-5 jobs everything went for a vacation. It was an opportunity for the ones to be with their parents, with their loved ones. But it is just a matter of time to fade all the moments and enough time to spend with your family.

A recent study shows that 82% of the respondents agree that balancing office work and housework has resulted in spending lesser time with families during the pandemic.

Considering the point the stress they workers has been suffering till date, Tide the leading laundry brand with the international market and one of the biggest fabric care brand in India from P&G has launched their new campaign #TideForTime. They have announced it with a new film focusing on the story of many households, where most of the time has eaten by the daily household chores and assigned jobs leaving no time for any other activities.  Through this campaign, Tide is raising the question of “Are we spending time on what’s really important?” Tide draws attention to the importance of spending time with our family and urging them to find more time for their child.

The Film has already crossed 3MM views. The scene where Grand Mother Dialogue, ‘If you don’t have time, you have to make time’ has been resonating with many. Tide also highlights certain ways that family can make time. Study shows, Households all over India spends more 300 hours doing laundry. Thanks to Tide Double Power, which can provide superior cleaning in the soak or machine itself, resulting in a much lesser time in the laundry. The time that is left after, can be leveraged for what’s important to people- spending time with your parents, loved ones, friends, pursuing their passion, developing a reading habit or anything they haven’t thought about doing, or things they have in our minds for a long time. It is the time for that. 

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