Parle G became India’s First FMCG Brand to Cross Rs.5000 crore mark


India’s wide selling biscuit brand, Parle G has become India’s first FMCG brand that crossed Rs. 5000 crore mark in retail sales in a year. This is really a glorious achievement for Parle G, adding a new feather to its cap.

Parle products launched Parle G around 75 years back in 1939, when India was a colony of Britain. Anyhow, the company had to wait till 2012 to get to these amazing figures in retail sales. In figures, the packet sales of Parle G biscuits were more than Rs. 100 crore per month (which means 14,600 crore biscuits in the entire year).

The launch of Parle G was not only a business decision for Parle, but also a social responsibility to sell affordable biscuits to Indian people. It was quite a necessity in those times, as Indian market had more of costly imported goods from European nations. Even after 75 years, the company has maintained its socio economic pricing strategy. Today Parle G biscuits are available in packets of Rs 10, Rs 20 and Rs 50 (in urban areas) and in packets of Rs.1 to Rs.5 (in rural areas and Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities).

Price affordability is one of the most striking reasons for Parle G’s achievement to become the first Indian FMCG brand that achieved Rs. 5000 crore mark in retail sales. The company reached the mark by surpassing domestic sales of Godrej products and Dabur and by selling three times more than Maggi noodles. Even rivals such as ITC and Britannia agree that it is really tough to match with Parle-G in pricing.

Incredible distribution network is yet another reason for Parle G to become the world’s No:1 selling biscuit. The company owns 10 manufacturing units and around 75 contract manufacturing plants to support their distribution efficiency at affordable costs.

Moreover, Parle G is coming up with innovative concepts to stay relevant for the next generation. As a part of this, the company has introduced exciting advertising campaigns and promotes it through popular media platforms like television, radio, face book and twitter. All these efforts will make Parle G ‘Kal Ke Genius’, despite increased cross-category competition prevailing in the overall biscuit market.


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