#PartnersInBreastfeeding campaign by Philips on Co-parenting


This World Breastfeeding Week, Philip Avent shows its responsibility to breastfeeding and the necessities of moms and infants through a beautifully crafted advertisement. Exhibiting the difficulties that breastfeeding mothers face and what number of them see it as trying as an independent assignment, the ad features how fathers can be viable co-guardians by utilizing Philips Avent Breast Pumps, by making the #PartnersInBreastfeeding promise. As such, Philips Avent urges fathers to play an active role in breastfeeding.

On the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week, Philips #PartnersInBreastfeeding effort requests parents around the country to promise to breastfeed together. Through social posts, influencer and celebrity ads, and digital recordings, the campaign is encouraging mindfulness among new parents to co-accomplice in breastfeeding. The correspondence is centered around displaying how fathers can also help mothers job in the breastfeeding procedure by utilizing Philips Avent breast pumps, facilitating the heap on moms who may confront difficulties overseeing all alone.

The extraordinary idea is now picking up acknowledgment from purchasers and promoting diaries, demonstrating thankfulness for the brand’s position on co-parenting.

The important factor which has been covered in this ad campaign is by displaying the significance of co-parenting in breastfeeding and how Philips Avent breast pumps make it conceivable. The video delineates a dad who plays an active role in each part of child care like diapering, playing, narrating the story, breastfeeding which is customarily observed as solely a mother’s duty. It plans to challenge and break the assumptions of sexual orientation roles in child parenting, and trigger an adjustment in perspectives.

All through the World Breastfeeding Week, numerous support recordings are being delivered highlighting guardians grasping their co-parenting excursion. Prestigious superstar accomplices including Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi, Anjana Rangan and Chandran, Smriti Khanna, and Gautam Gupta and other notable characters promised to co-parenting considering the #PartnersInBreastfeeding. Watchers are urged to make the promise and show their help, by sharing their considerations and contents at the social media channel of the brand. All things considered, the dad additionally merits an opportunity to show his closeness and his one of a kind commitment to parenting his kid.


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