Fast&Up’s ad highlights importance of boosting immunity


Fast&Up, the flagship sports nutrition brand of Aeronutrix Sports Products Private Limited has launched a new digital film featuring the brand ambassador, Pooja Makhija who is also a celebrity nutritionist in India.

The ad film aims to spread awareness about developing immunity in the right and natural way. Through this initiative the brand plans to reach an active audience in order to provide access to good quality nutrition to all.

In the current situation of a global pandemic, immunity has become the priority for everyone. Consumers are actively searching for products that promise to boost and strengthen their immune systems. To cater to their growing needs and demands, several brands have come up with a variety of options. With the sudden influx of immunity boosting products in the market it has become difficult for the consumer to choose the right product.

In the campaign, Pooja Makhija raises the question ‘Woh protection hi kya jo perfect protection na de?’ , the campaign highlights the importance of selecting the right product to build a perfect immunity instead of choosing any product available in the market that claims to boost immunity.

Building a strong immunity is necessary to protect ourselves from various diseases and to reduce the risk of falling sick. A strong immunity will act as a shield against harmful elements.

The campaign emphasises on the benefits of consuming the effervescent Fast&Up Charge, a drink which contains the goodness of Amala and a combination of vitamin C and Zinc in its most natural form and the drink is an effective immunity booster.

 As per Varun Khanna, Co-founder, Fast&Up, the brand shares its values with Miss Makhija regarding the importance of prioritising quality nutrition as a measure of prevention instead of as a remedy in the times of a crisis. The brand has been spreading awareness about the importance of boosting immunity and the demand for immunity boosting products is on the rise. 

Fast&Up is leading the sports nutrition insurgence in India with its varied range of effervescent products in the Indian market. The products help in boosting performance in a better format as compared to regular supplements.


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