Pay attention to Attention Planning


Despite serving millions of impressions, is the brand funnel improving as a result? The majority of advertisers ask their media partners the question. All of this is the result of colossal screen clutter. After the epidemic, people spent more time on digital screens on average by 25% more. There has been a noticeable rise in both screen time and the number of screens used for co-viewing.

This presents an opportunity for many of us, which is fair, but the crucial query is: Is the consumer paying attention to the millions of messages?

According to a recent study, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8.5 seconds (Source: Wyzowl research 2011). The average time spent on a high interest website is shockingly short—less than one minute, or only 28% of the words on the page!

As marketers, we want our messaging to be understood by consumers and help them navigate an omnichannel search for the products and services they require.

When it comes to grabbing consumers’ attention and moving them along the brand/purchase funnel, we have found three golden standards in our role as advisors and collaborators with marketers:

Find the best location – Determine the environment that is most responsive and the best location.

Communicate effectively – Consumers engage in communication that is most fulfilling. Be on the lookout for novel and disruptive formats.

Establish the proper impression quality since higher-quality reach leads to more successful business outcomes.

It is crucial to optimise for attention and have clear success measures. These must be established on the basis of experiments and testing using brand KPIs like consideration and buy intent and business KPIs like share, profit, and penetration.

Advertisers must collaborate with tech-based solution providers who help businesses choose the best combination of platforms, formats, and creatives in order to enable these quantifiable attention measures.

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