“Social media & PR is interwoven & an opportunity to streamline all messaging”


With the changing dynamics of the digital media world, it’s been observed that packaging is expanding its strategies and dealing in line with expanding the presence of digital media for organizations and groups.

In an interview, Komal Lath, founding father of Tute Consult, spoke at length about the effective use of social media in PR, incorporating improvement of current teams, crisis monitoring, and more.

Social media could be a huge challenge and a chance for PR. How does one use it for your clients?

Social media and PR are intertwined, and rather than a challenge, it’s a chance to streamline virtually all contributions rather than working in a silo. We started training influencers and Kol in Tute 9 years ago when it was never heard of. The goal is to use social media and PR effectively to inform the proper story and make the stories simpler. the sole difference is that one is your medium and also the other is purchased. Overall, these are powerful tools, and we use them in new ways – like LinkedIn and Twitter management for leaders and founders, or perhaps efficient production of smart content production to make sure smooth communication goals.

The challenge we are gazing is to upgrade existing teams to work out them as a full, so it can take an extended time. However, it’s happening and therefore the transitionary results are quite effective.

With a fragmented media scenario, monitoring must be done on a real-time basis. What are the successful ways to intervene before an occurrence becomes a crisis?

Once again, the requirement is to be before the curve and not follow it. Firms must work closely with their clients and their ORM teams to grasp in real-time what conversations are happening within the social world on their brands and sectors. It doesn’t need to be marketing time, but the utilization of dashboards and control centers; Coordinating teams with their digital teams isn’t any longer an issue, but a necessity. the simplest practice is to have interaction weekly and monthly involvement of all stakeholders in an exceedingly structured lively discussion and also to observe trends. There are many free tools like Google Trends, Tweetdeck, etc. that you just can use wisely to stay up with the newest developments.

How does one answer the talent crisis within the industry? What skills are needed for PR professionals today?

The challenges are more will-based and skill-based. One can always teach a skill if there’s a will. We are addressing it by ‘catching them young’ by honing them and giving them a window to what the planet of PR and communications is. Secondly, we invest plenty of your time in soft skill training and encourage mistakes by having clients commit that which helps them perform okay. Skill sets like sound writing, research skills, and a penchant for reading are all that one has to start with. the best property is the will and nature of the work; when it involves the proper direction, it’s easy to handle every challenge.

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