PeeSafe introduces fruit and vegetable wash


In the immuno-hygiene space, the coronavirus gave rise to a new genre of goods-production wash. The first to launch and sell the product was Marico’s Veggie Clean and shortly after, players including Godrej, CavinKare, ITC also hit the market.

The latest competitor in this new genre is PeeSafe. PeeSafe has launched a vegetable and fruit wash under the RahoSafe umbrella. Raho Safe Fruit and Vegetable Wash could be used each whenever you go back home from grocery shopping to clean your fruits and vegetables.

The Nano boost technology used to make this wash quickly extracts all of your vegetables and fruits from dirt, grease and germs and lets you position your germ-related issues on the back seat. The wash is 100 percent pure and contains no additives, soap or alcohol of any sort.

Raho Safe Fruit and Vegetable Wash are safe to use and after use leaves no odour, residue and aftertaste behind on your eatables.

Although RahoSafe is one of the brands under the PeeSafe parent company, when they hear about the roots of the product, it could serve as something of a mental deterrent for customers. This does not decrease the brand’s reputation, but buyers may have concerns, given that PeeSafe first introduced a single product on the market-a toilet seat sanitiser.

In December 2019, Pee Safe founder Vikas Bagaria said he had never been in a situation where people showed dissatisfaction with the name. However, he did acknowledge that for certain products, such as sanitary pads, online reviews said it was a ‘wrong name’ for the company.

RahoSafe, like many other companies, added a variety of hygiene-related products to its lineup during the pandemic. This involves a handwash based on neem, hand sanitiser, sprays for multipurpose surface disinfectants, floor cleaners and cleaning wipes for disinfectants.

“We had to make it clear that it’s a brand name, not a product name,” Bagaria states. He also stated in the same article that the greater strategic aim would be to use the name to establish a strong offline and online identity for the brand Pee Safe.

We have built a brand, and our clients are building confidence. We have a high repeat rate, much like a classic CPG (consumer packaged goods), such as shaving cream. We are available in over 5,000 shops in 50 cities, other than online, ” he says.


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