People Analytics- A Relief In Times Of Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic is all that we hear about today at every nook and corner where our consciousness prevails. Every business community on all scales strives to save the lives and livelihoods of those around. Certain sections of society such as healthcare workers and governments are leading tremendous efforts to support victims and their families to survive and revive their lives. This virus has affected countless millions all over the world and has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. However, business leaders are required to take actions regardless of the situation, to protect their customers and employees as well as to keep at bay the repercussions brought about by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns. The impact of the pandemic has been unpredictable and widespread and thus the decisions of today can determine the company’s trajectory for years to come.

To attain brighter, better, and hopeful outcomes, human resource managers and leaders are choosing people analytics tools to make difficult decisions, given the circumstances. The damaged economy has given birth to innumerable dilemmas to these leaders – how to ensure the safety of workers, how to manage furloughs and layoffs, social distancing within the premises, etc. Research reports highlight that the use of people analytics software was on the rise even before the coronavirus crisis hit; now the numbers are said to have significantly increased.


Also known as HR analytics, provides information about how various HR processes, employee experiences, and organizational success are interdependent. To quote an example, people analytics conveys how effective training programs are for employees, their necessities, and failures. During this pandemic, various surveys were conducted. About 180 surveys of 75,000 employees across 10 different countries during the COVID-19 crisis have revealed that while 71% of employees are concerned, 60% are struggling to find a good work-life balance.

This implies that people analytics helps organizations understand how the COVID-19 crisis has affected their employees. This technology also aids organizations to develop effective HR strategies, especially in times of crisis like this.  

People analytics has been mainly used for the integration of public health data into people analytics dashboards to gain insight into employee health. This data can help the business determine in which state/city operations can be resumed safely. It can also help to identify the risk factors of employees who may need to resume work in different fields of work. 

People Analytics has a better scope for workforce planning as well. In the case of workforce planning, deploying people analytics can facilitate the identification of apt staffing and layoff requirements. People Analytics provides complete transparency and thus ensures effective, trustworthy communication with employees. 

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