Pepperfry’s new Campaign: Swadeshi is Great


Yet another new digital campaign that encourages the consumers to buy the furniture from the “Swadeshi” not just because it is an Indian but it also stands distinct with its superior quality. The prominent firm, Pepperfry is well known for its furniture and home products. The former has taken steps to promote and celebrate the pride of Indian craftsmanship by bringing up products from Swadeshi.

The campaign’s concepts and execution are done by the L&K Saatchi and Saatchi which highlights the importance of Indian furniture. The crafts of India have their distinctive stand in the global market. And also one attracted works throughout the world is the artistic works of Indian craftsmen.

The ad comprises three films, featuring young men who take up his family business and spotlight on how locally made furniture is not only of high quality but is also modern in appearance. This ad also brings upon the distinct features of the intricate design of the carvings made by the Indian craftsman. It is also a well-known fact about the Indian artist who brings things to life with their work. The woods that is been used for this work are rosewood, teak, acacia, and mango. These woods have their unique specialty and that makes them last long time.

The significance of this digital campaign is to impress upon the various consumers about the superiority of the Swadeshi products on key variable purchase decision making that covers all the categories, style, quality, and value. This platform includes 90% of the producers from the local producers.

The chief marketing officer and business lead of Pepperfry, Kashyap Vadapalli stated that, through the campaign, they are celebrating the skilled craftsmen and also encouraging consumers to buy Indian furniture.

Since this pandemic has let to promote things more digitally, the campaign also goes on various social media platforms and creates a greater reach to the consumers to acknowledge the appropriate content.

The executive director of Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi, Trishay Kotwal, stated that they wanted to deliver the message with authenticity and more simplicity, and focusing more on the skills and dedication of the craftsman of India. And the ad film has showcased the thing exactly and makes it clear when it comes to the content part. The simplicity of the ad film has made it more elegant and would create a better reach.


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