Pepsi comes up with a new challenge to promote its new apple-pie flavor


PepsiCo, Inc a multinational food, snacks, and beverage corporation has started promoting their unsuccessful attempts at baking dessert on social media apps, TikTok, and Twitter, Pepsi is giving their customers a chance to make their way to win a battle of its new apple-pie flavored cola by sharing its pictures and videos.

Pepsi has started sharing the advertisement of their new apple-pie flavored cola releasing through YouTube and Twitter. Pepsi released a short video for advertising which contains humor of “hand in pans” cooking video that are popular on social media. PepsiCo agreed with Tatayanna Mitchell, Shereen Pavlides, and Charles Mallet to share their own baking fails videos on TikTok.

PepsiCo released the short video by aiming to raise awareness for Pepsi’s Apple-Pie limited-edition. Pepsi is forecasting on the young customers deeply through sharing their “baking fail” videos through social media. Pepsi is targeting to gain new young customers through Twitter and TikTok, as Pepsi finds out that young people are more interested in social media rather than watching a TV channel.

Pepsi has shared the video with the hashtag of #PepsiApplePieChallenge. The hashtag published by PepsiCo has been viewed by more than 7 Million times on TikTok, at the same time the video that was published by Pepsi has been seen by 500,000 times on Twitter. Pepsi can increase the reach of its campaign by running the hashtag challenge. As the people share the video with their friends and families it will urge them to participate in the contest with their humorous pictures and videos.

Pepsi has taken the best step to grasp the young generation, social media challenge is becoming widely popular during this pandemic time. People were engaged in various kinds of challenges. As the pandemic dissuades traveling and gathering of people with their family, Pepsi is the latest brand to create a campaign to avoid the bad feeling of the pandemic. Pepsi has also made collaborated with various famous TikTok personalities who can reach many customers, they offer a mix of videos that includes cooking-related content.

Pepsi is clearly taken the advantage of the pandemic through its new way of marketing. Social media challenge is the best way to multiply the young customers in the market.


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