Pepsi sings up to friendship day: Knox Artiste


Due to this pandemic, staying at home might be necessary but it does not have to be isolating or boring. The world has turned to spend their happy hours virtually. And the beverage company Pepsi collaborates with singer Knox artiste for a special piece of content that connects all the friends virtually during this special occasion friendship day. This brings some fresh ideas for all the ages that can bring fun and connection to social distancing and staying at home. 

There is a song build on the insight wherein the brand conducted a poll and found its consumer needs. The output of the poll is that 87% of them are missing their friends very badly and need a connection as an account of the friendship day. And as an add on to the poll, stated that 78% truly believe that friends contribute to their happiness. 

The flow of the video provides a catchy number that puts all the consumer’s foot on movement. This is the best marketing strategy during this lockdown.  The director, marketing, hydration, cola, PepsiCo India, Tarun Bhagat said that through his special content launched by Pepsi aims at encouraging their consumers to celebrate one of the most beautiful emotions of friendship virtually with swag. They are confident that Knox artiste’ riveting will have people across the nation want to connect their friendship day and also set up a virtual party with their friends that they have missed spending time with for so long.

The world is running on things that are so interesting and have an extra punch to it. And also the involvement of music is the best way to connect people mind and their soul.

No matter how cruel or stone-hearted one is, there should be one character they call it a friend and want to have it forever. Especially, this pandemic has made everyone miss their fun and thought sharing the process with their friends. This campaign is a great way to connect them and all in the promotion of the brand.

This dual happening takes place with the help of the singer, Knox artiste. He takes up the stage and attracts the crowd with his pop beats. The “Swag” is yet another symbol that the majority of the youth are been using. Thus the usage of the same has made it even more attractive and appreciative.


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