Pernod Ricard India deepens its commitment to ‘Make in India’, introduces first Indian Single Malt – Longitude77

Pernod Ricard India deepens its commitment to 'Make in India', introduces first Indian Single Malt - Longitude77
Pernod Ricard India deepens its commitment to 'Make in India', introduces first Indian Single Malt - Longitude77

Celebrating 30 years of its presence in India, Longitude77 is an ode to Pernod Ricard India’s legacy, its premiumization and innovation strategy. 

India, 13 Dec 2023: Pernod Ricard India, the global leader in spirits and wine, today announced the launch of its first premium Indian single malt, Longitude77 — made in India, for India and the world. The brand is a tribute to Pernod Ricard India’s legacy in the country and has been specially crafted for seekers of authentic contemporary Indian luxury. With their first Indian Single Malt, the company endeavours to redefine India’s global prominence in the realm of authentic luxury and rich craftsmanship, while preserving the nation’s artistic heritage.

Paying homage to the country’s diverse culture, landscape and terroir, Longitude77 has been meticulously crafted by Pernod Ricard’s master distillers using locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Produced in small batches in a distillery in Dindori, Nashik (Maharashtra), the launch personifies Pernod Ricard’s steadfast commitment to India, its spirit of innovation and its focus on investing in the country as the company completes 30 years of its presence in India.

The brand’s name is inspired by the longitude that runs through the length of India at 77° east and marks India’s position on the world map. It reimagines an India of unparalleled luxury and sophistication, inspiring discerning consumers to discover and connect with their roots in unique and personally meaningful ways. Double matured in American Bourbon barrels and wine casks, the single malt has a natural, mahogany colour – a true testament to its ageing process. The bottle comes in a matte finish cannister painted in Indigo, the colour that India gave to the world.

Commenting on the launch, Jean Touboul, CEO, Pernod Ricard India, said,  India is on the cusp of emerging as a powerhouse in the realm of authentic luxury and heritage craft. As industry leaders, we are unwavering in our commitment to spearhead India’s ascent in the luxury sector, championing the nation’s rich heritage and unmatched artistry. Furthering that vision, our diverse portfolio within the country reflects the Group’s commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Denominating three decades of operations in India, this opportune moment marks the ideal occasion to introduce Longitude77, to celebrate the spirit of the country.”

Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer & Head Global Business Development, Pernod Ricard India added, “Longitude77, our first Indian Single Malt, represents Pernod Ricard’s deep-rooted respect for the country. We have ensured that the whisky is perfectly tailored to the Indian market and caters to the diverse palate of the Indian consumer. We are confident that this exceptional addition to our portfolio will be embraced by whisky enthusiasts and elevate their convivial experience. At the back of solid premiumization and our commitment to quality and innovation, we believe that Longitude77 will be a game-changer for the Indian market.”

As India continues to be categorized as one of the largest markets for whisky consumption globally (third after the United States of America and China), Pernod Ricard aims to truly illustrate its commitment to boosting local manufacturing, employment and local innovations in multiple categories starting with the entry into the single malt category, for driving diverse cohorts. With 97% of domestically produced brands, contributing to the growth trajectory of the country, and 30 years of rich legacy and operations in India, the company operates through its distillery in Nashik (Maharashtra) apart from 28 bottling sites across the country.