#POCOForIndia: Fresh Indian consumer campaign initiated by Xiaomi ‘s Smartphone Subbrand, POCO


Xiaomi ‘s Smartphone Subbrand, POCO, has unveiled a new # POCOForIndia initiative. The aim of the campaign is to remember the path that POCO has been pursuing so far. In India, a group demands to boycott Chinese products because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this link, POCO launched a #POCOForIndia campaign in which it demonstrates how India ‘s brand significance.

The advertisement refers to the reality that a few years back in India the POCO brand was introduced and that in India it makes its goods under “Made in India” initiatives. The trip ended in India and the group has driven the company to take action and to do something that has never been achieved before. POCO hopes to share this with its audience with the initiative.

POCO has shown a song and video of about 1:30 minutes of its commitment to the Indian market. The true explanation for this promotion is at the end of the video – a new smartphone comes from the product. The company confirmed that it will launch a new smartphone on the Indian market, but it did not disclose the device it was. The recent development indicates that the POCO F2 Pro may be the product, or the unannounced POCO M2 might already be released on other markets.

The firm further claimed that one of the causes that contributed to the notion of lobbying is the POCO Culture, because it is one of the most outspoken groups. This along with many other factors, such as determining the correct tone for the brand and the Indians that appear. For that initiative, POCO’s internet and social networking approach is Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

“Over the last three years, POCO has grown into an independent brand of the Xiaomi family,” said Manmohan C, POCO India General Manager. We work hard to give the Indian consumer the best-in-class smartphone experience and follow the slogan ‘Everything you need, nothing that you don’t.’. Making in India continues to be one of our areas of emphasis in order to expand consumer-wide exposure to smartphones. We are rehashing our commitment to India in a fun, peppery way through our new campaign – # POCOforIndia – with audiences beyond our potential audience.


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