Snapchat launching host of new features including Augmented Reality Integrated Features


Snapchat is a multimedia messaging application that is used globally. Snapchat claimed that it had a growth of 120 percent last year in terms of daily active users in India. They are preparing to implement some innovative features in the application to attract more audience. One of the main features they are looking up is the usage of Augmented Reality (AR). Snap announced tons of new features for Snapchat in the Snap Partner Summit 2020. Some of the features are already activated for the users across the world and some will come soon with a new camera-enabled with AR. This feature is mainly crafted for creators and developers.

The company said that users will have the option to explore the application via a new ‘Action Bar’ that is automated and changes as per what the user is doing. Among the numerous changes, there is a high chance for customers getting attracted to Snapchat’s new Map feature, where the users will be able to see the popular businesses among other users. Snap is also implementing an interesting feature called Scan. By tap and hold the Scan option, the users will be able to “receive contextually relevant AR lenses automatically.”

In the new update, users can find Lenses in the Explore tab or voice-based commands. For making the work of developers easy for the creation of new lenses, Snap has added a new update called Lens Studio which can be used in desktop applications for absolutely free. With the help of this feature, the developers will be able to build and distribute AR-powered lenses on Snapchat. The brand also announced its partnering with ESPN, NBCUniversal, and Disney for content deals, which can be accessed through the Discover option on the application. The users can also get the latest news and other related contents from Bloomberg, Reuters, NBC News, BuzzFeed News, ESPN, and some others in the new Happening Now section

The company claimed that it had a growth of 120 percent last year in terms of daily active users.  Also, they stated that there are more than 3 million snaps added to the story section every day. Across the world, there are around 170 million users have already accessed the AR-powered features which use an average of 30 times a day.


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