PVR launches UFO-Wolf AirMask, the anti-viral cinema air purifying device


PVR, the leading film entertainment company in India, joined hands with UFO Moviez to declare the launch of UFO-Wolf AirMask, a cinema-specific air sterilization system.

The exclusive partnership of PVR with UFO Moviez to install UFO-Wolf AirMask is its step to make the theatres technologically adoptive.

The whole world after the COVID-19 pandemic is conscious of health and safety more than ever. The priority and luxury for people today is a clean, virus-free environment.

With COVID finally coming to an endemic stage, various markets and industries are in their revival stages. One such industry that is slowly becoming alive is movie and entertainment.

People are afraid to watch movies in closed theatres, fearful of being caught with coronavirus. It is where PVR plays its role effectively.

UFO-Wolf AirMask is installed in the washroom, lobbies, and auditorium of PVR theatres to create a safe and neat cinema experience for its visiting patrons.

PVR Cinemas becomes the first entertainment company in the country to install such a revolutionary air-sterilization system. It neutralizes odor and dangerous viruses, microbes, and bacteria in the surrounding.

UFO-Wolf AirMask tested and approved by Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), Trivandrum, is specially designed for cinema halls. RGCB successfully tests UFO-Wolf AirMask on COVID-inducing SARS COVID-2 virus.

RGCB, anICMR recognized and ILAC Accredited Lab (International), performs standard microbiological, immunological, hematological, and biochemical investigations on the latest and completely automated platforms.

The air purification device UFO-Wolf AirMask was launched by John Abraham at PVR Juhu, Mumbai. The launch was alongside the promotion of his latest movie, Satyamev Jayate 2.

PVR Entertainment takes standard safety measures for its visiting patrons beyond what is recommended by the government. It also employs 100%, vaccinated staff.

In PVR Cinemas, safety and hygiene were the fundamental parameters followed during every touchpoint with their customers. The whole consumer journey from Box Office to Rest Room and Exit was looked after by the safety guidelines instructed by PVR Care.

Mr. Gautam Dutta, CEO of PVR Ltd., is delighted about the installation of the new purification system in their cinema halls. He said that they are a responsible organization that strictly adheres to safety and health protocols for the welfare of their guests.

Mr. Kapil Agarwal, Joint Managing Director of UFO Moviez India Ltd., is very much delighted to partner with PVR cinemas to install such innovative technology.

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