Qualcomm and Airtel to join hands for the 5G rollout


The 5G network will be rolled out in India with the collaboration between Bharati Airtel and Qualcomm. Virtualized networks will be rolled out by Airtel by using the open RAN-based platform of Qualcomm.

Airtel in Hyderabad demonstrated 5G over a live commercial network.

Airtel stated that being a board member of O-RAN Alliance main focus is on the success of 0-RAN and working side by side with Qualcomm Technologies to find and put into action open radio network approach in India. The O-RAN’s flexible and scalable architecture will lead small and medium businesses to play a major part in the deployment of 5G networks.

The said alliance between Airtel and Qualcomm will lead to delivering of gigabit speeds to homes and businesses. The collaboration also focuses on the faster rollout of broadband which is cheaper in a speed and timely manner.

The main benefit of the 5G network will be that it will be able to deliver multi-gigabit of internet speeds to customers wirelessly. Smartphones and computing devices will be able to download gigabit size files in seconds and 4k streaming with the ultrafast and low latency characteristic of the 5G network.

CTO of Bharti Airtel Randeep Sekhon said that Airtel has been the first to adopt new technologies and stated that their networks are ready for 5G. in the process of rolling out 5G Airtel is delighted that Qualcomm is the key technology provider.

President of Qualcomm India Rajen Vagadia said that the collaboration will play a critical role in Airtel’s plan to implement a 5G network in the required coverage and capacity in the time and location according to the demand.

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