Quantum Computers for Election Polls?


Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are the new killer technologies being used anywhere and everywhere. Due to an exponential increase in Big Data, modeling solutions for an issue utilizing AI algorithms is currently conceivable. Predictive Analytics companies have been majorly working within the area of displaying modeling election results. Quantum computing has been introduced in the area of predictive analysis and is being implemented for the purpose of poll prediction.

In the past, election results were modeled utilizing two key strategies for facilitating prediction:

  • Pre-election prediction: Citizens were asked about whom they would vote for and this strategy – opinion poll.
  • Post-election prediction: Citizens were asked for whom they voted in favor of when they left the polling booths – exit polling.

There are some prime factors such as including-failures to represent electors’ education levels, persistent underestimations of support for challengers, errors in population surveys – for which mathematical models are difficult to be designed. Machine Learning systems are highly dependent on neural networks and have figured out how to “learn” patterns of formation or behavior that represent fundamental influencing factors.

This is one of the actual classes of utilization for which quantum computers (QC) are being created.

Tech and elections – a rare pair

An Unsupervised Deep Learning model called the Boltzmann machine was invented to improve quantum computing for election poll predictions. This model anticipated – utilizing precisely the same information and similar general trends during the 2016 US elections that Trump was bound to win that political race by about two-to-one and positively not 10-to-one. This was the precision of prediction. There is a 90% chance that a 100-qubit quantum computer, with an error rate between ‘1-in-10’ to ‘1-in-1000’, will be created by 2023. Fundamentally, quantum computing will not be influencing the aftereffects of polling analysis by any means.

Consider a quantum computer as an extravagant PC unit that can make certain specific tasks quicker. If you consider a ‘quantum’ method for computing the outcomes of the forecast, the outcomes would indeed be the same -you would just get them quicker.

The best highlight of a quantum computer is parallel processing. It does not just involve the running of a lot of processes at the same time – it is the running of all the processes, simultaneously, all the time. Quantum computing can hence be the best prediction method in the upcoming elections of the future, with constant updates, to finally give an accurate winning and losing margin also.

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