Race of COVID 19 vaccines in India


The new vaccine Sputnik Light has been launched for emergency purposes. India has given approval for 9 vaccines which will developed by India.

Government of India is taking stern steps that we are all prepared and pre planned about the drastic situation and face all the problems and challenges we are facing due to this global pandemic. Two vaccines are already prepared Covaxin and Covishield for peoples safety. Sputnik Light vaccine, the Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya announced to move forward and strengthen the country’s fight regarding corona virus.

India has given approval to Russia‘s one step Sputnik vaccine, the first component of Sputnik can be used as booster shot with other vaccines. Due to omicron variant which is a very deadly virus sputnik light was exported and activated for the use in India.

Sputnik Light was discovered by Moscow Gameleya Institue . Omicron Corona virus variant to be ready by march right now it is under development and shall be put to clinical trials soon subjecting to approval. mRNA vaccine is developing to fight against Omicron variant. Last year vaccines were proved safe and immunogenic.

Talking about another vaccine that is Corbevax vaccine ,this vaccine is helpful for children of age graph 12-15 years. It is based on Hyderabad based pharmaceutical company biological e for 5 crores doses of vaccine.

Later Union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Johnson and Johnson single dose vaccine said that this will boost country’s fight regarding global pandemic disease. It gives a warning sign of rare bleeding disorder it will increase the risk of thrombocytopenia where there will be unusual bleeding though they decided to give it a shot with existing medical conditions with low level of platelets.

Covovax vaccine was also produced for emergency purposes by Serum Institute of India. Covovax insures quality safety, suitability carried out by Drug Controller General of India.

To fight with the global Corona virus government has adopts various types of safety measures launching different types of vaccines which was best suited for people has prove a blessing to whole mankind.

And further studies states that government of India is still aware and cautious about the situation so they will be producing more vaccines which will be beneficial to people and to ensure and minimise the spread of corona virus in future.

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