Raise a Glass to Sector 144: Bangalore’s Most Exciting Pub Debut

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Raise a Glass to Sector 144: Bangalore's Most Exciting Pub Debut

National, September 28, 2023: Sector 144, the latest jewel in the crown of Bangalore’s vibrant pub culture, is proud to announce its grand opening in Electronic City, Bangalore. The newly established Sector 144 promises an extraordinary experience, combining warmth and eclecticism in a way that captures the imagination of its patrons. Named to represent both its mission and identity, “Sector” signifies a Specific Area, and “144” embodies the multitude of ways Sector aims to delight its customers through its services.

Sector 144 reimagined the pub experience, creating a sanctuary where people could connect, unwind, and make lasting memories. It aims to be a home away from home, welcoming all to enjoy themselves and leave with cherished memories and joy. The brand  logo symbolizes a united Sector 144 family, with fonts and circles representing the diverse groups gathered for a good time. 

Situated in Electronic City, it serves the working professionals and young crowd in the area, offering them an excellent destination to unwind after a long day at work. What could be more enticing than the availability of Bangalore’s finest beers on draft, an extensive selection of global cuisines, and live music?

By offering a selection of top-notch tap beers such as Budweiser Premium, Budweiser Magnum, Hoegaarden, and Toit-Tint-in-Wit, Sector 144 has made it incredibly convenient for patrons to relish the finest Bangalore beers without the need to journey to distant breweries. They boast an extensive range of global cuisine, featuring standout dishes like Sector Spl Chicken, Peanut Chicken Kebab, Veg Golcane, Prawn Cheese Cake, and Chicken Ghee Roast. Additionally, their cocktail menu shines with options that include Gin, Whiskey, Vodka, and enticing concoctions like Duronto, Two Dollar Bill, Habibi and his Dirham’s, Dong-Light, and Junglee Rummy.

Inspired by the resplendent forest colors, Sector 144 incorporates rich reds and greens into its aesthetic. Upon entering the central double-height space, visitors are enveloped in an inviting palette with wooden accents, blending coziness and sophistication seamlessly. The striking double-height bar, adorned with mirrors, takes center stage, captivating all who enter.

Sector 144 boasts a unique collection of custom artwork celebrating music legends, elegantly showcased alongside bold fluted paneling. Stained glass windows add to its charm and elegance, while meticulously designed tiles form intricate floor patterns, enhancing the artistic ambiance. The outdoor seating area features a retractable roof, rustic brick walls, and custom furniture and lighting, providing a comfortable and stylish haven for patrons.

“Sector 144 is more than just a name; it’s a promise of excellence and a unique experience. We’ve designed this space to cater to a diverse audience who appreciate warmth, artistry, and impeccable service. Our aim is to provide our customers with the city’s finest offerings, ensuring they can savor their desires without the inconvenience of extensive travel. We want Sector 144 to be a space where everyone feels welcome and cherished,” said Kushal Raj and Sagar MH founders of Sector 144.

About Sector 144:

Sector 144 is the newest addition to Bangalore’s pub scene, offering a vibrant and eclectic atmosphere that captivates guests with its warm and inviting design. With a palette inspired by the rich colors of the forest, Sector 144 is a welcoming haven for patrons seeking both comfort and style. Experience the warmth, artistry, and impeccable service that make Sector 144 a standout in the Bangalore pub culture.


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