Ramco Systems joins with start-ups for contact-tracing & safe-distancing


Chennai based company Ramco Systems, a software player, has joined together with the US-based Navigine and Singapore based Hipla Technologies to provide resolutions to supervise and measure safe distancing and ease contact tracing at workplaces, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ramco Systems had amplified their current facial recognition-based attendance system, RamcoGEEK, with thermal screening to permit touchless experience. Understanding the urgent need for all-inclusive contact tracing and safe-distancing approaches to make sure workplace health and safety, Ramco Systems has combined with two start-ups, a US-based Navigine and Singapore based Hipla Technologies to influence real-time location system (RTLS) and Closed-Circuit TV-based artificial intelligence to sense safe-distancing violations within the workplace, enabling necessary health and safety protocols aligned with organisational strategies.

With the partnership of Hipla, Ramco will control CCTV-based videos to sense safe-distancing defilements crowd density controls and enable contact-tracing. In the locations where CCTV is not accessible, Ramco GEEK will draw upon the indoor navigation capabilities of Navigine through the RTLS.

Virender Aggarwal, CEO of Ramco Systems, told that the organisations around the globe are stressed with explanations to make sure about the safety of essential workers and enable a gradual return to the workplace for others. Beyond the temperature checks, sanitisers and physical distancing in seating structure from a facilities management perspective, a new method is needed to accomplish and monitor adherence to safe-distancing protocols within the labour premises and enabling contact tracing.

The solution can prepare the human resource or health and safety officer of the history of breaks and identities of those who were in close nearness to facilitate contact-tracing. This would help the organisation to namelessly notify the co-workers to prompt immediate testing given the incidence of risk. This will also allow identification of contaminated workspaces within the office to be quarantined and disinfected.

The CEO of Hipla Technologies Sandeep Kaulstated that, they are happy to have partnered with Ramco and Navigine to deliver a one-stop workplace safety solution for business to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Businesses should not have to stress on additional friction when conducting business during a pandemic. Alexey Panov, CEO of Navigine, told that this is an important breakthrough for them and a win for all businesses that cannot operate remotely. They believe that this innovative solution will provide the much-needed solution to restore employee confidence in coming back to the workplace safely.


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