Sachai Andar, Achchai Bahar’: A new campaign by Hamdard’s Saafi


Blood purifying syrup Safi is over 60 years old, from Hamdard Laboratories’ house. Since its launch, Unani Medicine (an alternative medicine system that addresses disease prevention and treatment) has claimed to be an effective treatment for boils, pimples and other skin rashes. According to the brand, Safi purifies the blood within us by providing the necessary support to the liver, thyroid, and the entire human body, and prevents toxins that generally cause acne and blemishes.

Viewed as medicine for young women with dull, lifeless skin, or those affected by acne, pimples, and rashes, the brand expanded its audience in 2013 by taping into the population’s male segment too. In addition to positioning the syrup as an effective medicine for both men and women, Safi has highlighted its ingredients in all its communication – ‘the 28 essential herbs’ which help one achieve clear skin within 21 days.

Now, over a year since its last campaign (‘Taste Karoge Hate, Face Hoga Great’), the brand has returned with a new ad – ‘Sachai Andar, Achchai Bahar. With this, the brand seems to hang on to a new narrative – ‘inner beauty’ while still leveraging on the product’s functional advantages.

Suman Varma, chief marketing officer at Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), told in an interview that the campaign aims to remind the customer of the commitment of the product- real is always right (for the body). “Safi is not a product of beauty, but rather a medicine,” she says.

Varma states that the concept behind the advertisement was in the tagline to put out the reality about the product. “Safi’s ingredients give it the ability to purge the blood, contributing to smooth skin. Safi aids in digestion keeps a balance on your weight and keeps you clean from the inside, unlike other beauty products, which are mostly for exterior use only. And that’s what we convey by ads.

The creative consultant Pranav Harihar Sharma, Hamdard Laboratories believes that now was the best time to switch from the long-related ‘Ragon mein Khoobsoorti’ tagline of the brand to a new brand positioning. “In terms of the present situation, survival is the audience’s highest priority. The product’s latest tagline reflects on this factor – ‘if you’re healthy inside, you’re glowing outside.’

Commenting on the implementation, he says, “Safi has been talking about how the product functions for years. We decided to go beyond this time, and thus the ‘masks’ idea. We have tried to tie theory to the purpose of the product. Furthermore, we’ve given men and women similar screen space to concentrate on the expanded target audience of the company.

The Company will leverage PSOM radio and digital media to achieve maximum reach for the integrated marketing campaign. Also, Hamdard Laboratories has collaborated with Radio Mirchi to carry out tales of men and women who smash stereotypes to make their own name.


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