Rapido launches #ZarooriHaiKya


Rapido, India’s largest bike taxi platform, has launched #ZarooriHaiKya, a new digital marketing campaign. In a witty approach, the social good advertising walks customers through many scenarios of customers using delivery, transportation sharing, or home services during the pandemic.

The campaign’s goal is to raise awareness about how to use vital services like home deliveries, ride-sharing, and home services safely during the pandemic. It is constructed as a tribute to the efforts of many driving, delivery, and service partners who have worked relentlessly to ensure that people like us survive the lockdown, even if it means their lives.

The #ZarooriHaiKya campaign looks back at the times when people celebrate expendable days, encouraging them to reconsider decisions like ordering unnecessary items like footwear, work pants when working from home, or going to the gym at this time, etc. is all that important, to risk a driver or delivery partner’s life as he sets out during the pandemic.

Despite being the country’s largest bike taxi company, Rapido takes a strong position and asks users to come out only when essential when unlocking begins in major cities.

Amit Verma, Rapido’s Head of Marketing, remarked on announcing the campaign that, The decision to launch such a responsible marketing effort was inspired by consumer behavior observed across the country during the outbreak. Accelerating delivery or boosting bike taxi services may benefit them, but at Rapido, they are also responsible for the lives of our Captains and critical delivery partners.

They want to encourage everyone to act ethically and think about the frontline troops as the country prepares for unlocking. They would like to appeal to users’ sensibilities through #ZarooriHaiKya to not book that ride, not ask your friend to bring that item, and not call home services folks to fix something you don’t need right now, thereby saving someone’s life.

Rapido has set aside $20 million for this year’s aggressive marketing campaign. Rapido wants to do everything they can to break the chain and support professionals who are putting themselves in harm’s path so that people can live a comfortable life at home as the second wave of the pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the country.

The business has launched a Captain Vaccination Drive in India, with the first camp taking place in Chennai thanks to a partnership with the Chennai City Corporation. Rapido intends to grow to all 100 cities it serves shortly through additional such collaborations.

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