VMLY&R discloses New Proud Pronoun Project


VMLY&R has created The Proud Pronoun Project, a website where people have the choice to select their gender pronouns and produce a beautiful picture to display as Zoom or Teams backgrounds for meetings as a way to inform the individuals they work with every day how they must be identified. The site provides choices for all cis, transgender, and non-binary people to choose their pronouns ranging from she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs or zi/zir/zirs – or any mix of the 24 alternatives on the site. A persons’ choice goes to the very basis of their specification.

According to the 2015 National Transgender Statistic Survey, 35% of adults who are employed are reported being fired, experiencing mistreatment or denied a promotion at work because of their gender. Presently, more employees understand that gender can be extensive and experts also agreed that correct pronoun usage can empower more team and eventually is a powerful business driver. Around one in five adults know some people who use gender-neutral pronouns, according to a 2019 Pew Research report. Millennials – which will represent three-quarters of the workforce in 2025 – are more apparent to specify as LGBTQ (20%) than old generations Baby Boomers (7%) and Generation X (12%), according to a 2017 Harris Poll held for GLAAD. Gen-Z is even more apparent to say they know someone who chooses gender-neutral pronouns (35%) than Millennials (25%), according to the Pew Research study. – Due to how easily it can be, that figure is likely a bit higher. 

From a business view, the chances of not getting your workers to experience right will reduce the ability to attract and keep top talent. A 2020 Harvard Business Review article pointed out frequently “companies that are LGBTQ+-friendly usually focuses more on ‘LGB’ than on ‘TQ+’.” Organizations will themselves do a large disservice by disregarding these shifting gender norms. 

The campaign was created and produced by VMLY&R’s LGBTQ employee’s resource group (ERG). The ERG is a globally employee-led group with the shared objective of creating a place of safe and belonging space for all workers to express themselves over the world. Every ERG at VMLY&R is fully funded, with executive support, and are empowered to activate programming that drives awareness and culture. 

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