Ratan Tata invests in Infinite Analytics


Infinite Analytics is a big data analytics startup operating in sophisticated predictive marketing and analytics domain. This company was founded by two MIT graduates, Akash Bhatia and Purushotam Botla. Infinite Analytics specialized in Deep machine learning and predictive analytics. To provide a 360-degree view of the customer, Infinite Analytics has adopted a strategy to combine all multiple sources of data which can be of third party data, customer data etc. By accumulating the use of NLP they have developed a capability to forecast the behavior of users with respect to various retail and e-commerce applications.

Infinite analytics, a predictive analytics company, now has got the backing from Ratan Tata who has recently seen investing in many startups. Ratan Tata said that his aim is to help the Infinite Analytics to amplify its predictive analytics technology to further grow in the market. The founders of the Infinite Analytics said that they have got the opportunity to grasp business knowledge from this business tycoon.

Predictive analytics encircles a variety of techniques ranging from modeling to data mining examining current and old facts to make forecast about the future or any unknown events. In the case of business, predictive analysis helps to utilize various patterns that help to recognize risks and opportunity related to it. These patterns help to capture relationship between various factors to enable estimation of risk being associated with a particular state leading decision making. Predictive analytics has got a wide range of applications in Marketing, Insurance,   telecommunication and in various fields.

So by getting a valuable support from Ratan Tata, Infinite Analytics has got the opening to explore their potential capabilities.

Akash is also one of the co-founders of Kyazoonga, a ticketing firm in India. The company has got an advanced platform that helps to understand somebody affinity to a product by analyzing available data. These data can be either structured or unstructured which is available from the web.


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