Real Estate marketing reaching new heights


Real Estate marketing earlier was filled with lousy building structures and architect illustrations. However, the scenario is now changing and the companies are on their way to bring out new innovations in their marketing strategies. Advertisement is still not the strong point of Real Estate Marketing, but other areas of marketing are trying to emerge as their strong points. Homes no longer tend to be Dream homes; they are now “Digital Homes” and “Green Homes”.

Every builder promises customers of a jogger’s track or a gym inside the apartment complex. Some focus on landscapes and some on ramp and wheel chairs for the old. While for some, security is the primary concern, others take pride of the medical and ambulance facilities. The final outcome of all this is a heavy brochure with a list of promises.

The new era developers are focusing not just on identity creation, but also on perception setting. A Mumbai based company is trying its strategy by using residents as faces in its advertisement campaigns. The campaigns of companies are focused on all age groups and they construct pools, tennis courts, skating rinks, cycling tracks and more. Brands are focused on deriving an emotional connect with customers and are also concentrating on their future projects. Real Estates depend more on print media rather than on Television commercials. Although, print gets the maximum coverage for real estate, there are also some companies which use TV as a media to advertise their products. It is found that the sale of luxury homes in big cities like Mumbai,Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore etc., have gone up to 65 per cent.

Luxury segment is growing and improving better since their sale is limited and developers are also able to recover the price. Indians are now turning towards luxury in everything and this luxury niche is going to be a great boon to real estate owners.


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